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My name is Harry-James Linford

I'm a student at NUA doing my final year.

This project is for the Grads In Games VFX Project.

A quick overview of my project, I made two missiles to be used in game, one red and one blue, I made two levels one, for viewing the VFX itself and another to see how I would take it further and use it in a game.

I have included the project in it's entirety so please take a look at the project and if you want to play the little game by all means, some minor issues I have discovered but I was out of time to correct them. 

That said the game is 2 player so grab a controller or two. 

For more in depth description of my project please see the attached PDF which discusses from start to completion of the project. 

Please look at the controls, before using the VFX section and or the Game mode, as the controls are different. You can access these In game.  All menus require the use of mouse, both projectiles use sound and as does the main game, please adjust the volume to your liking.

VFX Controls (Mouse and keyboard)

  1. Fire Left click, 
  2. alternative fire right click, 
  3. Switch cameras Shift, 
  4. Pause P

VFX Controls (Controller)

  1. Fire Right Trigger (RT)
  2. alternative fire Left Trigger (LT), 
  3. Switch cameras Right Bumper (RB), 
  4. Pause Start 

Game Controls (Mouse and Keyboard)

  1. Movement A, D Keys
  2. Jump Space bar
  3. Fire Left click

Game Controls (Controller)

  1. Movement Left analogue stick
  2. Jump A button
  3. Fire Right Trigger (RT)

I would like to thank those at Grads In Games and any other company involved for giving me this opportunity.

Install instructions

Download the project Zip folder and unzip and open via Unreal Engine 4.23 Or later and make a copy.

The videos work on VLC but should open with any other media player (right click and open with).

PDF opens you may have to toggle zoom to see some areas due to page alterations single and double spread pages. 


Blue Missile.flv 15 MB
GamePlay.flv 14 MB
Menu.flv 14 MB
Red Missile.flv 15 MB
VFX_Competition.zip 25 MB
Gradsingames.pdf 2 MB

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